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Motorcycle Tours, Sri Lanka.

Motorcycle tours, Sri Lanka will give you memorable riding experience as you have many kinds of terrains and climate within short distance. Our motorbike tours will allow you to ride through farm lands, river banks, beaches, mountain regions and tea trails.Other tahn these places land full of sand, dry lands, mud range and perfectly laid asphalt roads too are available. You can drive between remote villages and beautiful towns via highways. There are chances to meet local pigmy people too. You can enjoy riding through single lanes in the forest trails.. As you know Sri Lanka is an Island in tropical region, you can experience hot weather in low lands and experience cool weather around the hills.

Enjoy mist in the morning, hot air in the day and cool breeze in the evening while you are cruising through the unexplored land with Ceylontusker Tours. You can ride as a group with us in a selected Sri Lanka tour or can rent a motorcycle and make your own tour.

Sri Lanka Motorcycle tours 2018 Schedule.

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  • Your satisfaction is important to us, so adjusting your tour schedule according to your wish is not a problem.
  • Accommodation is provided according to your selection. It can be from Star hotels to Guest houses.
  • Free Airport pick up and Drop: Included.
  • Free mineral water while you are on the road.
  • Free Sri Lanka SIM card with basic top-up money.(Run out of money in your mobile account? Re-load it with your cash).

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2018 Motorcycle Tour Schedule

Tour TypeStarts on (D/M/Y)SlotsTour Code
07 Nights 08 days05/01/2018AvailableMB/J/221/2018
11 Nights 12 days12/01/2018AvailableMB/J/222/2018
13 Nights 14 days23/01/2018AvailableMB/J/223/2018
07 Nights 08 days05/02/2018AvailableMB/J/224/2018
11 Nights 12 days12/02/2018AvailableMB/J/225/2018
13 Nights 14 days23/02/2018AvailableMB/J/226/2018
07 Nights 08 days05/03/2018AvailableMB/J/227/2018
11 Nights 12 days12/03/2018AvailableMB/J/228/2018
13 Nights 14 days23/03/2018AvailableMB/J/229/2018
07 Nights 08 days05/04/2018AvailableMB/J/230/2018
11 Nights 12 days12/04/2018AvailableMB/J/231/2018
13 Nights 14 days23/04/2018AvailableMB/J/232/2018
07 Nights 08 days05/05/2018AvailableMB/J/233/2018
11 Nights 12 days12/05/2018AvailableMB/J/234/2018
13 Nights 14 days23/05/2018AvailableMB/J/235/2018
07 Nights 08 days05/06/2018AvailableMB/J/236/2018
11 Nights 12 days12/06/2018AvailableMB/J/237/2018
13 Nights 14 days23/06/2018AvailableMB/J/238/2018
07 Nights 08 days05/07/2018AvailableMB/J/239/2018
11 Nights 12 days12/07/2018AvailableMB/J/240/2018
13 Nights 14 days23/07/2018AvailableMB/J/241/2018
07 Nights 08 days05/08/2018AvailableMB/J/242/2018
11 Nights 12 days12/08/2018AvailableMB/J/243/2018
13 Nights 14 days23/08/2018AvailableMB/J/244/2018
07 Nights 08 days05/09/2018AvailableMB/J/245/2018
11 Nights 12 days12/09/2018AvailableMB/J/246/2018
13 Nights 14 days23/09/2018AvailableMB/J/247/2018
07 Nights 08 days05/10/2018AvailableMB/J/248/2018
11 Nights 12 days12/10/2018AvailableMB/J/249/2018
13 Nights 14 days23/10/2018AvailableMB/J/250/2018
07 Nights 08 days05/11/2018AvailableMB/J/251/2018
11 Nights 12 days12/11/2018AvailableMB/J/252/2018
13 Nights 14 days23/11/2018AvailableMB/J/153/2018
07 Nights 08 days05/12/2018AvailableMB/J/254/2018
11 Nights 12 days12/12/2018AvailableMB/J/255/2018
13 Nights 14 days23/12/2018AvailableMB/J/256/2018
  • F : Full
  • A : Available
  • G1: Group-1
  • G2: Group-2
  • * No night time riding.