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Sri Lanka Tours with Private Driver.

Sri Lanka Tours with Private Driver is the perfect way to enjoy your holiday here in Sri Lanka. Our private driver is the perfect person to guide you all over the island. The program may little expensive, but it is the best recommended way to explore Sri Lanka alone or with your family.

All around the world Sri Lanka is known as Paradise Island. We at Ceylontusker Tours are ready to take you on Sri Lanka tour with one of our fully air conditioned car. Our cars are driven by expert private driver/Guide. The driver will stop the vehicle anywhere you want to look or stay. During your travel tourists can ask the driver to stop for refreshments, to capture an interesting video or to capture some photos.

Our tailor made tours are well planned to provide you the best of this tropical island. Srilanka is surrounded by the ocean and lagoons. Beautiful Mountains with waterfalls, flowing rivers and streams are some of the popular attractions over here. Ceylontusker Tours is one of the popular companies which used to serve European Tourists. We had served thousands of them to have satisfied tours within Sri Lanka. Tourists who are coming in group have chances to get special rates during the off season.

You are free to select any of our tour packages that can be enjoyed in 3, 5, 7, 10 or 14 days. You can visit Sri Lanka's important modern day cities, ancient cites, hill country, wildlife, museums, Zoos, silver sand beaches and golden sand beaches. Lot of activities are waiting for you here.

Let's go on watching Elephants, turtle hatchery, and go to ocean to watch whales and dolphins. Land based sports and water sports too are available over here. If you like to go on train to view the cool upcountry or the dry zone like Northern Province. We will arrange A/C observation cars in those trains for your comfort travel. Railway is one of the best available options in Sri Lanka to travel around the country. You can enjoy Yoga Classes, and Spa & Ayurveda resorts facilities by arranging with us prior to your arrival.


Our selected accommodations provide clean and hygienic stay. Best dining experience can be expected in our hotels and guest houses. You can select and stay in any of the Star class hotels, Boutique Hotels & Villas, Hill Stations, Heritage City hotels, Beach resorts or we can arrange home stays & bungalow stays. If you are not familiar with the local accommodation facilities leave the matter to us. We will provide suitable places all around the country at affordable price. Sri Lanka Private Vehicle Tours.

Kandy Visit.

Even if you are on a short trip, we can arrange a tour in a private vehicle to match your stay. In this tour you can enjoy beach front activities along with fine dining and shopping experience with a private driver. If you like, you can include Colombo city tour too at affordable price range. Kandy "Esala Perahera" can be included in your tour plan, if you happened to be here around the month of August. This is one of the biggest festivals in Sri Lanka where large tusker elephants decorated with fine clothes and small electric bulbs go on night time parade on the Kandy Streets which is colorful and accompanied by skilled dancing troupes too. Make your tour booking early as we have to advance book good seating for you to view the "Perahera" on its route.

You can spend your time in centuries old Buddhist temples, Hindu temples, Mosques, Cathedrals, and Churches along with British, Portuguese and Dutch era monuments and buildings in and around the Colombo city. Plenty of beach activities including whale watching, surfing, scuba diving, banana boat ride, deep sea fishing and jet skiing too are available. You can view wild life sanctuaries. If you like to have some adventure we will arrange you to camp in the wild on tree tops. There are many more activities available to make your vacation special over here at budget prices.

Please take note some country citizens will need visas to visit Sri Lanka.
Verify this with your local travel agent when you book your air ticket to visit Colombo.

Arrival at the Colombo Airport.

  • Our staff will welcome you at the Colombo airport on your arrival.
  • We will transport you to one of the hotel in Negombo.
  • Rest in Negombo hotel till your tours start.
  • We will drop you at the Colombo airport, once your tour is over.

Dambulla Golden Temple