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Scuba Diving in Sri Lanka.

Diving Snorkeling Vacation

Scuba diving in Sri Lanka is considered as one of the best places for scuba diving in the world. Because the island is a tropical one and the seas and the beaches are very clean. When you are under water you have the opportunity to view the surroundings, coral and fishes clearly. Lot of people used to bring their underwater camera equipments when they are coming for diving tours.

Here you have places for skin diving and free-diving as the island nation is fully surrounded by ocean and shallow sea. It consist many diving centers which used to provide diving equipments for hire and boat services, to the popular diving spots. Clear water means clear visibility and there are no factories dumping untreated waste in to the sea, so you will have pleasant diving experience while you are on Sri Lanka tours.

If you like you can allocate two or three days for Scuba diving during your regular tour. Most of our travel plans cover beach fronts of the island.

Lot of places are waiting for you to go down in the ocean and see ship wrecks, corals and marine drive. There are nearly 50 marked ship wrecks sites in this paradise island. But all of them are not allowed for explorations as in some places you have to get special permissions from the local authorities. We will arrange for you to explore most of them through proper ways to suit your holidays over here.

Near to Galle harbor area alone, nearly 75 ship wrecks are spotted and you can explore these by booking our tours. The oldest ship wreck is a wooden one lying under the sea near to Hambantota. It is marked as 2,000 year old one. The popular one is the "HMS Herms” which was sunk by Japanese near Batticaloa in the eastern part of Sri Lanka.

You can include your diving and snorkeling tour when you book your Sri Lanka tour with us. You can come only for it and we will arrange everything from air port pick up, travelling, accommodation, meals, equipment hire, boat service to the diving spot and drop back at the airport.

Snorkeling during Sri Lanka Tours.

When you are going on whale watching in the Mirissa area we can arrange Snorkeling facility for you. Also throughout Sri Lanka, specially in the Eastern province there are plenty of places with smooth clear sea water and coral gardens which will allow you to go on Snorkeling in the morning and evening times.

  • Diving season in the Western region is November to May.
  • Diving season in the Eastern region is May to October.

We can offer this tour either in East or West on any given time.
You don't need to bring your heavy diving equipment here, as we can arrange them for you to hire.
Starting the tour from Negombo will allow you to reach by boat to around 25 diving sites.

Also in the nights you can go on other kind of activities like visiting cities. Take driving through Yala, Minneria and other important wildlife sanctuaries. So it is time for you to book your tour with us that will cover Scuba diving and Snorkeling throughout Sri Lanka.

Our tours are cheap, best assisted and form the beginning to the end we will be available next to you.