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Sri Lanka Festival Tours.

Tamil Wedding Decoration

Sri Lanka is having a long history from its ancient civilizations and its geographical location in the crossroad of the East and the West, and being a multicultural society used to celebrate wide variety of festivals, ceremonies and events round the year. Some of the more prominent Sri Lankan holidays, Festivals and celebrations are listed here.

If you want to celebrate these festivals in Sri Lankan style, request for a tour from us relating the name of the festival as they fall in different months. Sri Lanka is smoke free country, where people don't smoke in the roads likewise each vehicle is smoke emission tested every year. We will arrange accommodation, meals and vehicles for your comfortable vacation here.

Festival Tour Package Details.

  • We will pick you from the air port on arrival.
  • Transport with an A/C car, mini coach or coach, (according to the number of guests) to your hotel.
  • After resting, we start the tour in a vehicle with private driver/ Guide speaking English (or according to your language selection)
  • Accommodation: 3 - 5 Star Hotels, Guest houses or Beach Resorts according to your wish.
  • Meals: Western Dishes or Sri Lanka Dishes. ( In some hotels lot of different country dishes used to be available)
  • Entrance Tickets will be charged at some important tourist destinations and be prepared to pay them.
  • Once the tour is over we will take you back to the airport to catch your flight back home.

Sinhala New Year

Sinhala New Year

Cultural anthropological history of the 'Traditional New Year' which is celebrated on month of April, goes back to an ancient period Sri Lankan history. Various beliefs, perhaps those associated with fertility of the harvest, gave birth to many rituals, customs, and ceremonies connected with the New Year.

Although Sri Lanka celebrates January 1st as a New Year from a western or international perspective the proper Sinhalese and Tamil New Year (avrudu), is celebrated about the 13th - 14th of April. This is a very special time in Sri Lanka. The larders are full since the harvest has just been collected, the trees are full of flowers, the homes are freshly painted and it is time for festivities.

Vesak Festival

Vesak Festival

Similar to Christmas for the Christians, celebrating the birth of Christ, This Wesak full moon day is a day of great significance to Buddhists throughout the world. It marks the Birth of the Prince Siddhartha, his attaining enlightenment and Passing into Nibbana as Gauthama Buddha. "Wesak day" is the most important day in the Buddhist calendar.

All over the country, temples, in the villages, and in the cities, announce the dawn of Wesak, with peals of bells, and drum beats.

The devout, clad in pure white, with no make-up or jewelry, make their way to the temple, This festival is held in May.

Vesak Decoration at Gangaramaya Temple.

Kandy Perahara

Kandy Perahara

Kandy Esala (July/august) Perahera is a spectacle not to be missed by any visitor to Sri Lanka. When you are an aspiring young "Kandyan" dancer, one of your dreams is to dance at the "Kandy Perahara".

These youngsters, dressed for the part in their finery, certainly seem eager and ready for it. Until recently classical Kandyan dancing has been an art that has been handed down from father to son. This goes back to the days of the "Caste" system, where if you are born to the "caste of the dancers", you invariably ended up being a dancer.

Sri Lankan Wedding

Sri Lankan Wedding

Sri Lankan marriage system is so different considering other countries in the world so if you like to get marry according to Sri Lankan tradition contact us we will arrange it at its best.

Colorful dresses, Decorated Elephant parade, Horse chariot or vintage car for the couples transportation. Wedding stages (according to your selection, Tamil or Sinhala style), tents, chair arrangements, meals for the guests, marriage registration with the Government. Wedding party with sound system and DJ music to make it happy event.

Meals at selected resturants with western dishes or local dishes. Mineral water, Delicious Local Dessert and Tasty Tropical fruits can be arranged on the route.

Adjustments can be made according to the tourist wishes.

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